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That's Leather! TM





Artist & Leather Crafter Victoria Elledge

That's Leather!

I will be forever grateful for the generosity of the late Paul Burnett who taught me this wonderful and unique art form that he created.   I have been making the leather feathers since the fall of 1995.

We will always remember Paul.

Many of the feathers I make are from his instructions.  From what he taught me, I have been able to create many new ones.  His wife taught me how to make the leather leaves.  My Aspen leaves are from Paul's impression.  Some of my Maple leaves are made from the die cut leaves I purchase from Mrs. Burnett and then sculpture.  Some I create myself from real leaves.  They showed me how to make leather flowers and then I expanded that aspect of my leather work by making patterns from real flowers.  His wife, Karen, remains a special friend and business associate.


I make my "quill caps" from sterling silver tubing and earring wires from Argentium which give the sleek, elegant look to my earrings.  I use a high quality nickel silver pin backs which I modify to conform to the shape of my pins.  For my barrettes I use a 1-piece French style barrette back made in France. 


This is a light weight, realistic looking, affordable alternative to real feathers from eagles, hawks, etc which are illegal to own.  Some feathers such as from song birds are illegal to own in some states, each state having their own laws. 

These are some of the other directions my life has taken me:

Access Consciousness BarsŪ & Access Body Processes including:  

Access Energetic Facelift which actually effects the whole body, two eye processes, 

& several other body processes. 

Lightwave Energy-Infusion Therapy and other Lightwave processes.

 Reiki/Seichim, Wings of Excellence, and Crystal Gridding, 

Dowsing for Life Balancing, Geopathic lines, and 

Ordained according to the Order of the Priesthood of Melchizedek.


 What exciting Possibilities will show up next?


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