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Leather  Feathers  ...           
...are unique, beautiful, and fun, lightweight, durable.
Adds the touch of Nature to your attire.
A way to have a natural looking replica of feathers illegal to own or sell.
Completed with Sterling Silver hand made earring wires with small clear plastic earring guards
My Handmade Argentium Silver earring wires are attached to my SS Silver handmade quill caps that I attach to the quill..
Each item with Sterling Silver comes with a sample Sunshine Cleaning Cloth for cleaning the Sterling Silver for it will tarnish.
I use Pin backs made from solid Nickel Silver.
The French barrettes backs I use are one piece and made in France.
Caution:  Do not get rubbing alcohol on the feathers if you use it to sanitize the wires.  It will affect the acrylic paint used on the feathers.


To honor our Veterans, I have made the pins with the campaign ribbon colors on them. 
Upon request,  I will make the ribbon colors on earrings and barrettes also.

Feather Jewelry Prices
Sizes   4",   3" ,   2"  , 1 1/4",     3/4 " Earrings Price in US Dollars  


Pins Price in US Dollars
Immature Golden Eagle feathers in leather showing sizes available. Small Earrings 75.00    2" Pin 40.00  
Medium Earrings 80.00   3" Pin 60.00  
Large Earrings 90.00   Medicine Wheel  Pin (2" Pin) 60.00  
Medicine Wheel Earrings 90.00   Campaign Ribbon Colors painted on the quill.
Tail Fan Earrings 95.00   Korea Pin (2" Pin)   60.00  
Turkey Fan Earrings 95.00   Viet Nam Pin (2" Pin)  60.00  
3" Earrings 100.00   Desert Storm Pin (2" Pin) 60.00  

Some feathers are shorter and wider for each size depending on style of feather for example: breast feathers, scapular, nape, etc.

Iraqi Freedom (2" Pin) 60.00  

I use the Immature Golden Eagle tail feather or Red Tail Hawk Tail feather for the ribbon colors however I will paint the ribbon colors on 2"  or larger feathers of you choice. 

The Medicine Wheel Earrings and Pins are on a straight quill tail feather with the Medicine Wheel at the top of the feather.  The feather is 2" and Medicine wheel 1/2 inch.

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Pendants &Barrettes Price in US Dollars Necklaces & Decorative Price in US Dollars
Immature Golden Eagle , Red Tail Hawk Tail Fan & Wild Turkey Tail Fan Pendants have a wide leather bail on the back for larger beads or chain to go through. 112.000   1 Single 2" (Large) Feather on adjustable  black satin cord w/ 2 SS beads and  SS 2 loop bail made by hand. 80.00   
1- 3"  Feather  on adjustable black  satin cord w/ 2 SS beads and SS bail made by hand. 110.00   
Wild Turkey Tail Fan Barrette /Pendant has both the bail and barrette back for dual use. 117.00    For Immature Eagle, Red Tail Tail Fan, or Wild Turkey Tail Fan Necklace a



The graduated heshi style turquoise beads I had been using are not available at this time. 
Wild Turkey Tail Fan Barrette  112.00     For other custom necklaces to go with tail fan pendent see below*
Medicine Wheel - 1/2" circle w/2" feather 60.00   0" A -- Feather-Plain Quill - decorate yourself 170.00   
1" Barrette back on 2" Feather 45.00    10" B -- Feather- wrapped quill with deerskin loop at top & deerskin ties 200.00   
3" Barrette 60.00    10"C  -- Feather- wrapped quill with SS hanging loop on back  &  500.00   
4" Barrette 70.00   decorated--in the way I am inspired to decorate it.  I will work with input but 
4"Hair Tie 162.00  
the pieces make themselves.  It hangs with the feather tip pointed up.
3" Feather- quill wrapped with deerskin, loop at top & tie 95.00    Smudge Fan w/ 10 Inch tail feather & carved leather handle to represent a deer horn prong.  Hangs with a SS hanging loop on back so feather tip points up. 500.00  
4" Feather- quill wrapped with deerskin, loop at top & tie 112.00   Masks1250 1250.00   
Mask with horns 1250.00  



Contact for questions for custom items & Retail Stores that carry my creations:
* Custom price depends on the availability, quality, and source. 

Custom Necklace price depends on chain, cord, and /or beads--

Call or Text  for the prices. (408) 507-5160 

Email me with any questions: feather@thefeatherlady.com