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 Leather Leaves  ...
...are unique, beautiful, and fun, lightweight, durable.
Adds the touch of Nature to your attire.
Completed with Argentium Silver hand made earring wires with small clear plastic earring guards. (Argentium Silver doesn't tarnish as rapidly as SS.
Earring wires are attached to the leaves with Sterling Silver hand made quill caps.
Each item with Sterling Silver comes with a sample Sunshine Cleaning Cloth for cleaning the Sterling Silver for it will tarnish.
I use Pin backs made from solid Nickel Silver.
The French barrettes backs I use are one piece and made in France.
Caution:  Do not get rubbing alcohol on the feathers if you use it to sanitize the wires.  It will affect the acrylic paint used on the feathers.


Leaf Jewelry Prices
Earrings Price in US Dollars Pins Price in US Dollars
Small Earrings  240.00   Medium Maple 160.00  
Medium Earrings 260.00   Large Maple 180.00  
3 Inch Earrings (Oak) 280.00  

Aspen Leaf--Med

Double Leaf Earrings 320.00   Oak Leaf--2" 160.00  
Triple Leaf Earrings   400.00   Oak Leaf--3" 180.00  


Barrettes Price in US Dollars Necklaces  Price in US Dollars
Maple Leaf--2 Med & 1 Sm   (on a 2 " barrette back 240.00   Single Medium (any leaf style)          on Black Cord w/ SS findings. 320.00  
Maple Leaf--2 Med & 2 Sm   (on a 2 3/4" barrette back) 260.00   Single Large (Maple or Oak)             on Black Cord w/ SS findings. 360.00  
Maple Leaf--2 Lg & 2 Med     (on a 4" barrette back) 280.00   Pendant Only With 2 loop SS bail  (Med) 240.00  
Oak Leaf--3" 180.00   Pendant Only With 2 loop SS bail  (Lg) 280.00  
Oak Leaf--4" 100.00   3 Leaf Maple Leaf with beads 400.00  
5 Leaf Maple Leaf with beads 500.00  
16 Leaf Maple Leaf with beads 1400.00  


For custom number and/or sizes of leaves E-mail me at:  feather@thefeatherlady.com  to discuss design and price or call:408-507-5160