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Necklaces and Earrings Examples

My necklaces made with my leather feathers and leather fall Maple, Oak, and Aspen leaves add a delightful accent to any one's attire.

 I make the feather and leaf jewelry into earrings, pins, and barrettes to compliment my necklaces.

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Custom Piece. Personal piece.  These Turquoise beads were hand made for me. First Place Award Jewelry Division Pow-Wow Craft Exhibition On each of these necklaces/pendants the Turquoise oval is painted to like a Turquoise cabochon in a Sterling Silver bezel. I paint the backs of my feathers with detail.  Each piece is signed with my Immature Golden Eagle feather logo.
tailfan_07_cus_webt.gif (131211 bytes) Redtail Hawk tail fan necklace_turquoise beads.gif (44854 bytes)

06_tailfan_necklace_ribbon.gif (91508 bytes)

tailfan_06_pend_web.gif (134117 bytes)

ed Tail Hawk tail fan with personal logo on it,   It is used on a Native American flute. Red Tail Hawk tail fan necklace with Turquoise graduated beads. Immature Golden Eagle tail fan necklace with graduated Hishi  beads.   Immature Golden Eagle Pendent

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Ring Neck Pheasant -back of earring.

Leather16_leaf_necklace_beads_web.gif (202566 bytes) triple_leaf_er_web.gif (161056 bytes) 23_pheasant breast neck.gif (47701 bytes) 02 wood duck sidepocket_neck.jpg (160904 bytes)  

Blue Jay Scapular necklace _earrings_web.gif (53198 bytes)

This leaf necklace is made using 16 leather maple leaves of three different sizes.  This piece has a Sterling Silver and garnet beads to complete the necklace.

These triple Maple leaf earrings with hand made Sterling Silver quill cap and custom French earring wires are a nice  compliment to the 16 leaf necklace 

The Pheasant Breast feather.  This necklace has a purchased bail that the rust cord goes through. The Wood Duck Side Pocket feather makes and elegant necklace with it's unique shape.

Blue Jay Scapular necklace and earring set.

The two Sterling Silver beads next to the necklace bail make it look like one piece.

The Blue Jay Scapular feather necklace design was an accident gone Right!  A feather came off of the earring quill cap.  I had suggested making a pendent from the one if I couldn't match it.  I could.  I was asked to make a pendent also.  The single feather or leaf on the adjustable satin cord with the hand made double bail and 2 sterling silver filigree beads was what was created. 

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