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Examples of pieces I can make upon request.

 Masks, Fans, Ribbons Awarded, etc.

I can also finish my feathers in a variety of ways for one to add to their own creations.

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09_web.gif (80094 bytes) Merlin Mask This is a one of a kind piece. 

I never know what is going to speak to me that wants to be used in each creation.   In this case I used thin irregular slices of Eastern Red Cedar for the background color. The frame was made from rough lumber and recycled glass.

I call this wall hanging "Merlin Mask" because of the colors and I have a the  leather Merlin Tail Feather I make tied into the hair.

 I sculptured the mask from tooling leather.   

merlin_mask_web.gif (163834 bytes)



07_smudge_fan_web.gif (34990 bytes) 10in_06a_bald_web.gif (50075 bytes)
This is a sample of a Decorated 10" Bald Eagle Tail with traditional wrapping on the quill. 
Each piece I make is unique. 
 I may have an idea how I want it, but I never know exactly how a piece is going  to be completed for it is created  through me, not by me.
Mature Red Tail Hawk Feather Smudge Fan.  

The Antler handle is sculptured from layers of tooling leather bonded together. 


j_mask_web.gif (216450 bytes)

16_leaf_neck_beads_rib.gif (56402 bytes)

16_leaf_neck_beads_web.gif (202566 bytes)

06_tailfan_necklace_ribbon.gif (91508 bytes)

10in_06_case_ribbon_web.gif (130060 bytes)

Custom Mask with Immature Golden Eagle Feathers on a cedar base.

I had gotten the Honorable Mention Award at a Pow-Wow Craft Completion.

I felt very honored to receive this award as I was competing with a renown Native American Silversmith who had entered an exquisite, massive Squash Blossom Necklace.


I am a Viet Nam Era Veteran.

In 2004 I entered the Department of Veterans Affairs Creative Arts Festival for the fun of it, and to help by having a different type of art shown at the Festival.

I was pleasantly surprised to have placed high enough at the local and state level to go to National.    I felt so honored to have been awarded   the  Second Place Award when competing against all the Vets in the United States.

Over the years I have constantly felt so much gratitude for the Leather Crafters who taught me to paint the leaves and feathers.


Immature Golden Eagle Tail Fan necklace.

First Place Award - Jewelry Division Pow-Wow Craft Exhibition

Click here to see more detail in the pendent.


First Place Award  at a Pow-Wow Craft Completion.

 This is a custom piece with my 10"feather and accented with a 2" feather in each corner of the shadow box mat.

The shadow  box is made from rough pine with a glass front.

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